Dear Partners,

Since the COVID-19 outbreak started spreading in the jurisdictions we operate in, MCB has worked to ensure that its business continuity processes are able to cope with the severing of the pandemia, knowing it would at some point in time reach our shores.

With that in mind, not only did we, at the Executive level of our Group, set up a Crisis Management Team, but implemented and reinforced a series of clear-cut action plans that will enable us to ensure business continuity. Our primary focus being to safeguard the interest of our clients, our partners, our staff, our shareholders, and not the least, our 182-year-old reputation.

On March 19th, shortly following the discovery of the first COVID-19 cases locally, the government of Mauritius decided to put the whole country in lockdown for the next two weeks. As soon as this measure was implemented, MCB activated its Business Continuity Plan in order to ensure business continuity on one hand, and the safety of its staff and customers on the other. Work From Home policy entered into force, with minimal service offered at 15 selected branches across the island, whereas split teams ensured no physical interaction between members of these core teams, to minimise the risks of contagion and propagation of the virus.

We are mindful that transacting with us from overseas, your considerations are somewhat different than what we would provide to our local retail and corporate customers. We are however confident that our best of breed technologies and advanced electronic banking and STP capabilities will, in times like these, provide you with the comfort and assurance that our platforms will enable you carry on business with us seamlessly and as efficiently as usual, whether our teams work from home or not.

Moreover, we are comforted that the solidity of our balance sheet and our strong capital and liquidity positions coupled with the strength of our correspondent banking relationships put us in a robust state to withstand these challenging times and provide the services that you have always expected of us. All of this to reassure you that we remain operational and we currently expect no significant change to our service levels. However, should there be minor service delays as a result of the change in our work configuration, we thank you for your indulgence and understanding.

If you have any further questions, please consult or preferably directly your Relationship Manager as they will have the most up-to-date information related to your specific queries. Please rest assured that we are committed to provide you with our highest service levels at all times.

Alain Law Min
Chief Executive

Raoul Gufflet
Deputy Chief Executive