We are living and working in unprecedented times.

Details about COVID-19 from around the world are unfolding every hour, and our shores have not been spared. Current headlines paint a picture of a world where uncertainty and fear are the dominant themes. There is no shortage of questions surrounding COVID-19 and how it has the potential to touch all aspects of our lives – personal and professional....

Cards services
(POS, Ecommerce, corporate credit Cards etc.)

Our level of service remains unchanged until further notice; and all services will be maintained with a forecasted delay.

Online services

We encourage you to take advantage of our innovative and 24/7 online banking services to manage your corporate account effectively. Through our Internet Banking services, access a wide range of corporate banking features and services anytime, anywhere, at your convenience, all in a secure environment.

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Treasury Services

Treasury services which will be made available as follows:


  • Daily Market Update activity will not be undertaken
  • For FX transactions involving a conversion against MUR, MCB shall provide preferential rates (whose pricing levels/skewness off board rates shall be dictated by prevailing market conditions of the day) only for transactions above the threshold of USD 20,000 or equivalent. We may refuse or put on hold any amount requested, even below the USD20,000 threshold, if there is a deterioration in the market conditions.
  • Depending on the prevailing local FX Market conditions, MCB may have to prioritize sales of FCY against MUR to clients transacting for the following purposes:
    • Imports Bills and Loans
    • Medical and Educational expenses
  • To the best of our endeavors, cut-off for Same Day Value (SDV) may be preponed for certain currencies and shall be defined in relevant communique(s)

Fixed Income

  • Daily Market Update activity will not be undertaken
  • Under such circumstances, MCB may provide only for liquidation requests

For any assistance, kindly contact your Relationship Manager or call our Contact Centre on +230 202 5757 anytime.