Scammers spend a lot of time devising ways and means to trick you.

Let’s beat them at their own game!

What is phishing?

Chances are you have come across phishing without actually realising it was called “phishing”. Phishing is a technique used by scammers to steal your personal data so they can commit identity theft, i.e steal YOUR identity.

What data?

Card No.

Pin Code

User Name


Date of Birth

National ID No.

What for?

To defraud you. The scammer uses several tricks – sending fake emails, fake text messages, Whatsapp or Viber messages, using fake telephone numbers etc – to make you believe that you have been contacted by MCB. They bank on the trust that exists between you and us to extract confidential information.


How to foil their plan?

The scammer will use all sorts of tactics to try and trick you. Unfortunately, making you believe that the request for information comes from your bank is a tactic that works. Here’s how to remain one step ahead of them:


Some phishing examples

And more importantly, remember this -
MCB will NEVER ask you for your personal data and banking credentials. This information is yours and must never be communicated to a third party, irrespective of who is requesting it.

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